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Roof Coatings

Roof Coating have proven to be a benefit to both building owners and property managers as well as roofing contractors.

For example roof coatings are often a significantly more cost effective option when considering a complete roof replacement. They allow you to restore your existing roof, minimize the expense, and complete the project with a smaller environmental footprint. This enables property owners and managers alike the opportunity to extend a commercial roof’s life expectancy without the time and cost demands of an entire roof replacement.

We recommend you apply a Conklin Roof Coating System. When applying a Conklin Coating System, your roof will receive a warranty backed by a company with a proven track record of over 35 years which not available with other roof coating systems.

The Advantages Of Conklin Roof Coatings Vs. Other Roofing Systems

The market is filled with roofing products, but with Conklin products, there are many advantages which provide benefits and value when it comes to making the decision to apply one of these coating systems on your roof.

Exceptional track record. Overall, the Conklin Company has been a well respected name for over 80 years. With their line of roofing products providing a successful track record for over 35 years. Conklin has helped to revolutionize the commercial roofing industry in the United States since 1977 with some of Conklin’s original building products still available in the marketplace today. Some Conklin Coating applications have lasted over 20 years and are still holding strong today.

This is a powerful indicator validating that Conklin’s products were engineered as quality solutions from the time they were first time introduced and Conklin continues to remain an industry leader through their innovation with new products for roofing needs. Building owners can be confident these Conklin Coating Systems will continue to remain quality roofing solutions.

History of innovation. Aside from its longstanding record of consistency in building materials – a solid performance gauge for any manufacturer – Conklin also has a history of innovation. In fact, Conklin introduced the first liquid elastomeric roof coating for the commercial roofing industry. The product was Rapid Roof, and since then Conklin has reformulated this product for an improve performanced. Their latest improvements to this product line introduced Rapid Roof III. Conklin has also added many other fluid applied roofing products to its family of high-performance, reflective coatings, including Benchmark and Puma XL which continue to be used extensively nationwide.

Along with a proven track record of over 35 years in the commercial roofing industry, Conklin has a formed large nationwide network of distributors and contractors who highly regard their coating systems. Its single-ply membrane and fluid applied roof coating products have been applied on 2+ billion square feet nationwide.

Beyond the Conklin products strong performance in a variety of different climates nation-wide they have also gained leverage from some of the following high-profile companies in the United States including many corporate businesses and nationally known franchises that have relied upon Conklin roofing products for their own buildings protection.

Some of these satisfied customers include:


Holiday Inn

Ford Motor Company

Burger King

Dairy Queen

Ashley Furniture Industries

Candlewood Suites

Day’s Inn

Lockheed Martin

In short, Conklin has a strong reputation for nationwide excellence, which building owners and managers can respect due to the protection their properties have been able to depend upon from these durable roofing solutions. Competing products on the market may offer a decade-worth of protection or more. But they can break down under prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays or other weathering hazards. In contrast, Conklin products have been known to last for over 20 years.

For instance, take this Conklin-restored metal roof. A veteran Conklin contractor applied Conklin’s metal roof coating products to it 23 years ago – and with minimal maintenance, it continues to be waterproof and incredibly strong. Plus they are ENERGY STAR® certified, have up to 85% reflectivity, and can produce up to 30% yearly A/C cost savings. Contractors can leverage the performance ability of these products and their up-to-18-year, full-coverage non-prorated warranties, and use it for bigger gains.

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