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Flat Roof Coatings

Flat Roof CoatingsToday, flat rooms have become mainstream option in many commercial buildings. Those who elect to have flat roofing installed in their buildings and structures believe there is a plethora of advantages. However, it is no secret that they too have their weaknesses. This means they get some issues from time to time. The key in realizing the benefits of flat roofs is solving those problems right before they become out of control. The best solution is flat roof coatings.

Get It from the Best

At Vermont Commercial Roofing, the flat roof coatings will be installed by professionals. That alone is something you should compromise. It is not just about using high quality materials. What is more important is that the people responsible of installing them are qualified and experienced.

The flat roof coatings used by Vermont Commercial Roofing will eliminate the common problems associated with flat roofs. But what’s even better news is that results are going in fast. It means as soon as the coatings are installed, there is an immediate prevention of leaks and deterioration caused by extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, our flat roof coatings also give your roof the lasting protection it needs to at least slow down aging. The use of Conklin products promote energy efficiency and better reinforcement for the structural integrity of your commercial building, not to mention the fact that you’re going to save money due to substantial reduction in maintenance and repair costs.

The Conklin Quality

Conklin flat roof coatings are undoubtedly the most reliable and trusted in commercial roofing. Their superior line of products has been relied upon for more than thirty years. In the United States along, some two billion square feet of roofing have been installed with these coatings. But what is even better is that the warranty claims rate is at the minimum (less than 1%). Putting it all together, Conklin is the industry example for the standard in flat roof coatings, whether the purpose is for repair or restoration.

Replacement Isn’t Your First and Only Option

The moment the roof suffers significant damage due to extreme weather or natural disaster, a building owner’s natural response is roof replacement. This is contributed by the fact that you may get overwhelmed by the damage you see. And yes, the replacement of your old roof will eliminate all previous issues with it, including the new problems. You’re essentially installing a new one. However, it doesn’t make complete sense with respect to costs or expenses. No doubt the most obvious downside of flat roof replacement is the cost. Also, there is no guarantee that the new one will no longer produce the same problems with the old roof.

At Vermont Commercial Roofing, what we offer and recommend to building owners with extensive and serious flat roof problems is roof restoration.

By opting for total flat roof replacement, you will have to deal with different kinds of burden like long period of delay for your business operation, expensive maintenance costs, high material costs, and of course, expensive labor costs.

Flat Roof Coating Advantages

We have a (statewide/nationwide) set-up of flat roof experts who are trained and qualified to handle Conklin roof coatings. Whether you are looking at minor repairs or major flat roof restoration, you will get the following advantages:

  • Hand out an additional layer of seamless protection even for an old and worn out roof.
  • Provide years of added life without spending too much.
  • Roof becomes ENERGY STAR®-certified.
  • The roof’s surface temperature is significantly lowered.
  • Conklin coatings are applicable to all types of commercial flat roof systems.

So for inherent issues associated with flat roofs, our commercial roofing experts will take care of the job. Whether it is chronic roof leaking, deterioration, cracking, or water pooling, flat roof coatings will do that trick. Best of all, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars.