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Foam Roof Coatings

Foam Roof CoatingsVermont Commercial Roofing is the place to go for foam roof coating needs. For commercial building owners, experiencing problems with their SPF roofing systems is all common and natural. Notwithstanding the benefits of this kind of roof, there are and will always be issues, no matter how well you take care of your roof.

The two most significant benefits of foam roofs are insulation value and leak prevention. But they’re not the only advantages building owners get. The list also includes light in weight, durable, long lasting, and compressive strength.

What Is SPF?

The acronym stands for sprayed polyurethane foam. It is designed to be applied in liquid form by using plural-component spray equipment. At Vermont Commercial Roofing, our services using this foam roof coating will fill cracks as well as crevices. The substance will then expand about thirty times the original liquid form, thereby transforming into a hard and closed-cell monolithic surface.

Foam roof coatings dry in seconds, or immediately after the same is applied to the roof. Eventually, the expansion will result in a weather tight roofing membrane that’s entirely adhered to the substrate. Since the material “polyurethane” is naturally light, it only adds minimum weight to the entire roofing structure.
In choosing foam roof coatings, we give you the guarantee of more than 30 years of structural integrity, not to mention the remarkable insulation value it provides.

Foam Coating Application

In Vermont Commercial Roofing, as soon as the SPF is applied with the perfect thickness and finish specifications, the foam roof coating will then be applied. The protective layer serves as the primary surface. It is designed to be weather resistant and durable. But unlike other foam roof coating applications from other companies, what we’re offering is double the quality you’re used to. Our roofing professionals ensures that the surface is tough enough to be walked on and it doesn’t need frequent maintenance.

There are several foam roof coatings used today. The most common ones are acrylic, silicone, polyurea, urethanes, and others. Many companies may use a thin layer of gravel that is spread over the foam. While this is quite common, we still adhere to the finest and most reliable materials.

Spray Foam Experts

Vermont Commercial Roofing boasts an entire network of professional roofers and contractors. Every single member of the team is an expert in energy-efficient roofing solutions, and the use and handling of foam roof coatings is no exception. We are a bunch of skilled and highly experienced installers of the Conklin poly foam roof insulation system.

Why Conklin?

With almost forty years of existence and excellence in the roofing industry, Conklin is no doubt the most dependable source of roofing materials today. Every product they have is a manifestation of durability and longevity. But what really makes the brand distinct to the rest is that they lean towards the production of energy efficient roofing solutions.

And because you’ve decided to go with Conklin foam roof coatings, then you’d be glad to hear that there’s an optional non-prorated warranty, covering both labor and material costs. For Vermont Commercial Roofing on the other hand, we are giving a lifetime warranty for our service on both commercial and industrial roofs.

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