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Metal Roof Coatings

Metal Roof CoatingsAny type of roof suffers from water exposure problems, and metal roofs aren’t an exception. So if you’re looking at waterproofing your metal roof, Vermont Commercial Roofing has an answer for that. How about adding some reinforcement against extreme weather and outdoor elements?

Metal Roof Coating Solution

We highly recommend the use of Conklin metal roof coatings. They are STAR® certified coating products combined with high performance qualities. The result of using Conklin corresponds to fewer lifecycle costs when compared to other competing products. Because of their inherent capability of inhibiting rust, the metal roof is expected to last for more decades than you originally expect. And with respect to cooling and air conditioning costs, there’s a good chance you can save thousands of dollars. But the most significant attribute of our metal roof coatings is that it comes with the best waterproofing solutions.

Conklin Metal Roof Coatings Hand Out Remarkable Benefits

We don’t just use any kind of metal roof coatings. Vermont Commercial Roofing only handles certified Conklin products. The application of metal roof coating gives you the following benefits:

  • Substantial savings on annual cooling costs
  • Lesser environmental footprint due to lesser energy consumption
  • Extended roof life which lasts decades
  • Improved reflective surface in the roof, thereby effectively bouncing off the heat of the sun
  • Cut on roof maintenance costs

Roofing products from Conklin, including metal roof coatings come with the best track record in the industry. It has been applied to over two billion square feet of roof in America alone.

As a consumer and prospective client, you have all the right to ask what makes our metal roof coatings stand out from the rest. The best and most honest answer to that is because Conklin prides itself on manufacturing high-grade produce engineering. The coating products are specifically built to ideally adapt to different challenges the roof is subjected to, including extreme weather.

Roof Replacement

There are times when you don’t have any other choice but a roof replacement. No worries, because we’re here to provide roof replacement services, too.

Metal is something that has natural high heat conductivity. So when a metal roof is exposed to the sun all day long, the same energy will certainly take its toll on the roof. Even commercial roofs will expand and contract due to that imperious and unbearable heat.

Conklin metal roof coatings are different because they are built to defeat the usual challenges of metal roof deterioration. The trademark quality is called “thermal flexibility.” The elastomeric properties are the reason why we always recommend and emphasize Conklin metal roof coatings.

What Makes Us Different?

Vermont Commercial Roofing is on top of its competition because we have experienced professionals. If you need metal roof coatings for your metal roofing, we give you non-prorated warranty of the work done. Our high standard of professionalism transforms our service to its friendliest and most accommodating. Whether it is for metal roof repair or restoration, everything is done without fuss. So have your metal roof repaired or restored and cherish the advantage of longer life for your roof.