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Flat Roof Inspections

Flat Roof InspectionsProblems with your commercial flat roofing system can either be concealed or visible. In both instances, you will certainly get more serious trouble and high repair or replacement costs if not addressed in the right time. There are several factors that can affect your commercial flat roof’s performance and the inability to notice them means you’re putting yourself, your business, and your building at risk at the same time.

The Purpose of Flat Roof Inspections

One of the foremost issues concerning commercial flat roofs is moisture intrusion. When ignored, it will cause the roofing membrane as well as the insulation of the roof to rot. Eventually, the thermal efficiency of the insulation significantly decreases, which in turn lead to a substantial increase in either heating or cooling costs of your building. Obviously, no one wants to pay more on wasted energy.

When water accumulates in a flat roof, it increases the weight load. When this happens, there will be definite structural deterioration as well as extensive damage.

With comprehensive and sophisticated flat roof inspections done by our roofing professionals at Vermont Commercial Roofing, we ensure there is proper identification of the defects and potential damages. This way, we can determine the factors that may have caused or influenced to the deterioration, as well as the repair required and the repair materials to be used later on.

We understand that there are time constraints and budget issues involved in case our inspectors recommend flat roof repairs out of the inspection report. In order to address this problem, we give you the option to choose those priority repairs based on the gravity of the problem and then do our best to not compromise the convenience of your business operations.

The Vermont Commercial Roofing Method

If your commercial flat roof is already in a rapidly deteriorating condition, you will be forced to carry out repairs that will cost a lot. But if the report suggests replacements, that’s even more burdening fact to handle.
At Vermont Commercial Roofing, we adhere to a complex set of methods in order to carry out a flat roof inspection. The whole process involves:

  • Field survey to be performed for the purpose of evaluating the condition of the roof. The survey usually include interviews with the building owner, visual examination and observation, photo documentation, and field testing using different techniques.
  • A survey output will be produced, containing the analysis and the evaluation of the entire flat roof system. A report will manifest the findings about the roof conditions.

What Constitutes the Interview?

Vermont Commercial Roofing inspectors will be asking the building owner questions about the experience with flat roof problems, if there are any. Some of the points will be focusing on roof leaks and if there have been any repairs done lately.

Inspection and Documentation

There will also be an exterior and interior observation, coupled with photo documentation on the entire building structure, roof drainage, accessory items, and roof surface. Our visual inspection is intended to search for obvious and tangible defects in the roof system. Flat roof systems for their part usually suffer from open joints in the flashing, ponding water, punctures, blisters, and missing flashing. The photographs are going to serve as the visual description which will be included in the report.

Field Testing

The last procedure in the flat roof inspection is the utilization of several field testing methods. This can be destructive or non-destructive testing. At Vermont Commercial Roofing, what we use are non-destructive methods focusing on the determination of the amount of moisture present in suspected areas of damage or deterioration.

So for the most comprehensive and friendly commercial flat roof inspections, call our Vermont Commercial Roofing office at (phone number).