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Foam Roof Maintenance

Foam Roof MaintenanceFoam as a roofing material comes with a very good track record. It is very popular especially among commercial buildings using flat and low-slope designs. Buildings started using it in the middle part of the 60s and it has been proven time and time again – thanks to its inherent durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

But similar to other types of roofing material and exterior finish for roofs, it also needs proper maintenance, usually leading to practical repair work from time to time.

At Vermont Commercial Roofing, we’re here to help you maintain your foam roofing system. Part of the services we are offering includes educating building owners the importance of maintaining the roof’s efficiency, extending its life, and enhancing its value.

With our headquarters located just outside of Burlington VT we are able to service any properties throughout the entire state of Vermont and the surrounding areas.

Foam Roof Maintenance Every Year

Well in fact, a roof coated with foam or made out of spray foam needs to be inspected twice a year. In Vermont Commercial Roofing, we integrate these “essential” inspections to out foam roof maintenance program. The inspections are conducted during the spring and fall, the purpose of which is to search for any problems, minor or major ones. After that, there will be basic maintenance tasks to be performed, which will most likely include:

1 – Gutters, drains, and scuppers

Part of our foam roof maintenance job is to check on the roof drainage elements. They need to be kept clear in order for water to freely and conveniently move off the roof. Vermont Commercial Roofing inspectors know how to check if the foam and its protective coatings are still intact.

2 – Roof penetrations

This part of maintenance meanwhile focuses on the pipes, ducts, air conditioning support components, and other parts that extend through the foam material. These areas or components are the usual suspects for potential leaks. We will be looking for the signs that the foam or protective coating has pulled away from the roof penetrations.

3 – Roof edges and flashings

This portion of the maintenance program meanwhile will be focusing on the components of the foam roof that aren’t covered with the material. Unlike other roof maintenance and repair contractors, we make it a point to inspect the juncture between the foam roofing and the adjacent materials. This is the area where leaks can also occur.

4 – Mechanical issues

Foam roofs can also suffer damage due to falling debris. As such, Vermont Commercial Roofing will identify blisters and air bubbles which may be present in the commercial roof. These mechanical issues can lead to more serious problems. Therefore, they must be addressed.

5 – Coating

Finally, our foam roof maintenance service covers the general condition of the coating. Cracks and other flaws are expected to be seen in regular maintenance, which also means they can easily be fixed right before they become more serious.

Expect the Highest Quality of Maintenance Services

If your commercial foam roof is inspected and maintained by Vermont Commercial Roofing on a regular basis, the best thing you get out of it is the avoidance of major repair work and even total roof replacement. In our end, we provide you the highest quality of service possible.

We are a trusted name in foam roofing maintenance, repair, and insulation. Call us today and we will provide you with a free estimate along with a comprehensive plan on how to meet your roof’s demands.

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