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Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal Roof MaintenanceVermont Commercial Roofing is your reliable partner when it comes to metal roof maintenance and repair. The key to our top notch maintenance program is quality.

The absence of regular metal roof maintenance will result to the industrial steel metal roof oxidizing fast. With oxidation, rust eventually forms. The rust in turn will permeate through the protective layer, which actually is very thin, causing the roof to leak.

Our team that services Vermont and nearby areas are composed of experienced roofers and experts in roof leak detection. As a commercial building owner, you must understand that your metal roof needs rejuvenation, regardless of it made out of steel, aluminum, or copper. Maintenance will be looking for all signs of problems that have the potential of destroying the roof for good. It is no secret no one wants to replace a commercial metal roof prematurely. Not only does it correspond to additional burden and expense, a total roof replacement also leads to substantial disruption of business operations. The maintenance process may include the replacement of ineffective fasteners as well as downpipes and flashings. Our company has all the essential equipment needed for maintenance, including the equipment to do recoating, resealing, and recolor.

Metal Roof Maintenance Services

  • Corrosion management prevention methods
  • Corrosion mitigation and comprehensive evaluation
  • Solar reflective coatings
  • Barrier coating systems
  • Penetration sealing
  • Box gutter lining and sealing
  • Examination of the downpipes and gutters

What Makes Vermont Commercial Roofing Stand Out

Our top tier service quality is attributed to our extensive experience. We know for a fact that roof replacement or even box gutter replacement is not always the best or cost effective method of stopping leaks. Just like what everyone says: prevention is always better than cure. Any type of leak in a commercial metal roof can be prevented by regular maintenance. And since corrosion is undoubtedly the most common culprit of leaks in metal roofing systems, we will be providing your roof advanced methods of preventing the corrosion. Likewise, we will be offering practical solutions to address the deterioration of flexible sealants usually found in air conditioning penetrations and flashings.

So if you have a leak in your metal roof, do not think about replacing the entire roof right then and there. Have it repaired and have it regularly maintained by a professional roofing company. In this regard, you can simply call our team at Vermont Commercial Roofing.

Using Metal Roof Coatings

Should you want it, we recommend the application of high quality primers with anti-corrosive properties. This will be followed by the installation of durable membrane systems, both of which are intended to extend the life of your commercial metal roofing system. Our preventive maintenance programs will guarantee that your metal roof will be providing you protection for more years to come.

So if you are beginning to worry about your building’s metal roof, you can call us anytime to get a free quote. We’ll get back to you in minutes.