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When caught off guard by the need for unforeseen emergency roof repairs on your commercial building it is important to have developed a relationship with a professional roofing company you are able to depend upon. Vermont Commercial Roofing takes makes roof repairs a priority, providing an ongoing roof maintenance program for our clients. Our roof maintenance program takes a proactive approach with maintaining your roof. Taking the extra effort to do preventative maintenance will minimize the possibility you will experience unexpected costly emergency roof repairs or interior damage caused by roof leaks that go undetected for extended periods of time.

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repairs

EPDM Rubber Flat Roof Repairs

Vermont Commercial Roofing performed these Pre-Winter Emergency Roof Repairs

Vermont Commercial Roof Repairs Services:

Flat Roof RepairsFlat Roof Repairs consisting of Built Up Roofs, EPDM Rubber, Metal, TPO, and any other type of flat roof you may currently be experiencing difficulties with at this time.

Foam Sprayed Roof Repairs are a service that we specialize in although there are currently few of these roofs in the immediate area we are currently focused on introducing this highly effective energy efficient roofing product to the marketplace.

Metal Roof Restoration is a service that Vermont Commercial Roofing excels in, providing our clients multiple solutions for repairing and restoring their various types of existing metal roofs. It may surprise you to learn that your existing roof may be restored with proper prepping and an application of a protective sprayed coating may provide up to an 18 year warrantee on your existing roof.

Our ongoing Maintenance Program is exactly what building owners, corporate accounts, and property management groups are able to depend on when it comes to assessing the condition of your roof surface on an annual basis, making the appropriate repairs, and receiving first priority service in the event of an emergency.

24 Hour Emergency Roof Repairs VermontVermont Commercial Roofing Services


In the unfortunate event that Emergency Roof Repairs are required at your property look no further
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