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Flat Roof Repairs

Flat Roof RepairsA lot of commercial buildings are already using flat roofs and there are several good reasons why they choose this type of roofing system. One of those is because a flat roof does not require that much building volume. As a result, there is more space intended for other building components and stuff, including heating and air conditioning systems. Likewise, flat roof systems also correspond to having lesser interior space to condition, which translates to lesser energy costs and maintenance.

But regardless of the type of roof, there will always be issues along the way. Flat roofs are no exception.

So when your flat roof starts to have some issues, you simply tap the services of Vermont Commercial Roofing for the specific solution to your specific problem. On top of our expertise and experience in any type of roofing repair is customer service satisfaction. We make sure everything is covered and we’ll let you know what we’re doing every step of the way.

We have a team of highly experienced roofing experts who are more than capable of handling your needs. But it is not just about giving solutions to your flat roof issues. We do it with efficiency and utmost consideration of your needs and preferences. Do not forget – it is your roof and you have all the right to demand how work should be done.

Now the only way for you to guarantee that your flat roof will give you no more headaches is to make sure you are provided with the best roofing products for repair out there. And with that in mind, we only use ENERGY STAR® certified and high quality Conklin roof products. This is the only brand that ensures your flat roof will not just be problem and leak-free, but also energy efficient and long lasting.

What then are the common flat roof issues? You see all kinds of commercial roofing will experience problems, no matter how expensive, sophisticated, or durable they are. However, you must understand that by having a flat roof installed on your commercial building, you would expect to experience certain problems that may be unique to this specific type. Flat roofs are prone to issues like:

1 – Thermal shock, leading to cracks

2 – Ponding water which can result to leaks

3 – Weathering and natural aging

Know that even the smallest issues can result to more expensive and major roof repair, or even total roof replacement, when ignore. That’s why we are here – to help you determine the kind of repair work needed for your flat roof.

Go For Repair While You Still Can

With the advantage of using Conklin in your flat roof system, you get that promise of preserving your roof for a longer time. In fact, even those in awful conditions don’t necessarily mean total replacement. The Conklin coating systems we use is obviously more cost effective compared to a total roof replacement. The application of Conklin roof coating will require major cleanup and prep for the existing roof surface. After that, the application commences. In no time, your roof will be restored and you no longer have to contemplate on total roof replacement again.

Supposed the flat roof has obtained substantial and irreparable damage; then a roof replacement will be in order. At this point, we recommend the use the new EPDM rubber roof or the energy efficient Flexion Cool white roof, which actually is also a Conklin innovation.

Repair and Restoration Coverage

All things considered, we emphasize that you go for repair or restoration. The good news is we deal with any type of commercial roof repair and restoration.

EPDM and other types of rubber roofs – The roof restoration methods used correspond to high reflective properties. This means you are expected to cut cooling costs up to 20%.

Metal roofs – A new type of rust resistor will be used before any sealing is done. This will not just thicken the top coat it will also guarantee your metal roof will last longer than expected.

Built-up roofs, PVC, and TPO – No more leaks, cracks, and high energy costs – just let us know what your problem is and we’ll take care of it.

Free Estimates

What we do is what we love to do. Our commercial flat roofing solutions are built upon the principle of providing you the best service possible. And because we love serving you, you can simply call us today and we’ll give you a free estimate!

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