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Foam Roof Repairs

Foam Roof RepairsFoam roofs are a relatively new type of commercial roofing. But if there is one obvious drawback to it, it’s the fact that it is highly susceptible to damage. When a tiny hole is punctured into the roof, water easily finds its way down and soaks the foam. Officially called as Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF roofing, it is popular among various establishments because of its lightweight properties and inherent durability.

But just like any other roofing system, it has to be maintained and regularly inspected. Well, SPF roofing actually needs to be inspected right after a strong storm. After five years, it needs to be professionally inspected. This is to make sure that the slightest signs of damage are going to be addressed.

Foam Roof Repair Services

We have our own team of SPF systems experts. They install and repair foam roofs while representing the best solutions for your specific needs. Generally, when it comes to foam roofing varieties, the solution is top grade insulation. The form roof insulation applications Vermont Commercial Roofing utilizes are engineered to build strength, provide better control in air filtration, and correspondingly reduce heating and cooling costs.

In the restoration process of your commercial roof, every damaged area will be methodically repaired and re-sealed. The final step would be adding the reflective finishing coat, which in turn is the reason why the entire roof will be sealed for the promotion of utmost energy efficiency.

Vermont Commercial Roofing is a company made up of roofing experts specializing in the repair and restoration of roofing systems, including SPF systems. We have a team of professionally trained and service oriented individuals. Every single one of them understands the importance of making every client satisfied.

With more than (years of existence) in the roofing industry, we fully recognize the need of commercial buildings and establishments in Vermont of a reliable partner in not just the installation of foam roofing varieties but also their maintenance and repair.

The Conklin Advantage

When it comes to foam roofs, no brand carries the same excellence and performance than that of Conklin. The Conklin foam roof insulation system that we recommend usually comes with an optional and non-prorated warranty, both on labor and material costs. Vermont Commercial Roofing for their part provides a lifetime service guarantee while servicing roofs that use Conklin.

Whether you prefer to install an SPF roofing system or repair your existing SPF commercial roof, one thing is for sure – you obtain substantial benefits from it. Energy prices are always on the rise. As a business owner, you always want to minimize energy costs. With the Conklin foam roof insulation advantage, Vermont Commercial Roofing will transform your old roof into something that is green, clean, and efficient.

A properly repaired or installed SPF roofing system means you get another layer of insulation. A typical roof works like a sponge, where it absorbs the heat from the sun. The collected heat will then be distributed below. So even if the sun is already out, the entire building may still be hot. But with the insulation coating we put in your roof, all the heat is blocked right before it gets the opportunity to be distributed inside the building. Because SPF has more than a million closed cells for every square inch, it naturally becomes an effective insulating instrument.

As soon as your foam roof insulation is repaired, you can now confidently expect it to last for many more years. As a consequence, you essentially avoid incurring all the costs and burdened related to total roof replacement. When the roof shows some signs of deterioration once again, we can simply do the recoat for you. And whenever a new coat is administered, the non-prorated warranty is likewise extended.
In the end, it is our pleasure to help you with your foam roof repair inquiries in Vermont and nearby areas. We offer you a free and no obligation inspection.

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