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Commercial Roof Replacements

Vermont Commercial Roof Replacements

Commercial Roof ReplacementsThese are some of our most recommended types of Commercial Roofing Restorations:

  • Flat Roof Coatings Vermont
  • Flexion Single Ply Membrane
  • Spray Foam Roofing Vermont
  • Metal Roof Replacements Vermont
  • Vermont Metal Roof Coatings

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This basic breakdown of the most popular existing roofing solutions will assist you in determining which type of commercial roofing product you currently have installed on your building. This will also provide some insight into the different options available in the market today when it comes time for a roof replacement on your property.

There are over 20 different types of flat roofing materials and hundreds of brands to choose from in today’s marketplace. This can be overwhelming as you research your options and ask yourself the following question. Which flat roof is right for you?

Spray Foam Commercial Roof Replacement with an Elastomeric Roof Coating

The list above mentioned 5 types of flat roof restorations, from these types of roof applications you may have already been able to choose a flat roof system that will work best for your building. In the event that your property requires a different application we have several other types of roofing systems available. It is also possible to design a custom roofing system specifically for you building.

Vermont Commercial Roof Replacements a basic breakdown of the most common types of Flat or low slope roofing applications.

Vermont Commercial Roof Replacements

This can be a difficult decision so let us try to educate you about some of the most economical, longest lasting, low maintenance types of flat roofs available today. Lets begin with three main categories or types of flat roofing:

Built Up Roofs- i.e. BUR

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing- most commonly known as EPDM Rubber or TPO

Metal Roofing

BUR or Built-Up Roofing– The name describes the application process. The roof is built up using multiple layers, of either saturated tar-paper and liquid tar, or multiple layers of other types of roof membrane such as Modified Bitumen or rolled asphalt. Layers of roofing materials are added on top of one another, usually in criss-cross position, until a number of layers or plies has been built. In most cases, a built up roof will have a layer of pea-size gravel on top, to protect the roof from the sun’s devastating UV rays, wind, and storm damage.

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing- EPDM Rubber Roofing materials are the oldest single ply roofing materials available in the marketplace today. When an EPDM Rubber Roof is properly installed they usually will last about a minimum of 15 years. When installing a new EPDM Rubber Roof it is may be possible to receive an extended 20 and 30 year material and labor warranty. Rubber roofing remains the most popular roofing solution for flat roofs today. An EPDM Rubber Roof is usually black, is installed with an adhesive, and its weakest points are often at the seams, around fixtures, parapet walls, etc..

PVC and TPO roofs are usually white, often referred to as energy efficient reinforced membranes, with welded seams which melts the two courses together at the seam with a hot air welder. When welded properly the seam on these roofs actually becomes the strongest point. PVC roofs were being installed prior to TPO Roofs with more of a proven track record. PVC is actually more expensive than TPO which was later introduced as a cheaper alternative. There have been many issues with TPO roofs over the years so when choosing TPO as a more affordable roofing solution there may be an ongoing concern with how the roof will perform.

Metal Roofing comes in many types from what is commonly referred to as corrugated metal to standing seam, and various other flat or baffled systems. Corrugated Metal and other similar design patterns are installed by penetrating the sheets of metal with nails or screws which can often lead to leaks many years down the road. Standing Seam Metal is installed with clips which are fastened below the metal sheets which are then crimped together forming one consistent interlocking sheet of metal across the entire roof surface.

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