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Flat Roof Replacements

Flat Roof ReplacementsVermont Commercial Roofing has a whole team of flat roof replacement contractors providing high quality service in Vermont and nearby cities and towns. We are the people you call when you need some major help for your badly shaped and deteriorated commercial flat roofing system.

In America alone, there are thousands of commercial buildings that rely on flat roofs.

There is good reason why it is popular. Commercial flat roofing systems are practically because they don’t need that much space and they don’t really need that much roofing material volume to build. Therefore, installing them is significantly less expensive compared to roofing systems that use steep slopes.

But just like other roofing systems and types, flat roofs need utmost care, which essentially includes inspection and maintenance. While it is inexpensive in installation and material, its greatest drawback is the fact that it is the most impacted by factors like weathering and extreme conditions outside.

When a flat roof installed in a commercial building is badly damaged, there’s no other course of action but to go for replacement. But this doesn’t mean every flat roof is expected to be repaired after just a few years. You only opt for it when you failed to perform proper maintenance and regular inspections.

Flat Roof Replacement Services in Vermont

So when you’ve got nothing else to go but have your commercial flat roof replaced, you can rely on us. Vermont Commercial Roofing is not just about repair, inspection, or maintenance. We will be giving you a new, reliable, and high quality flat room system that will afford you the performance you deserve from it for decades. We adhere to the highest commercial standards of workmanship. But best of all, we only use ENERGY STAR® certified, fully waterproof Conklin® flat roof solutions. Conklin is a renowned American brand that brings in a whole new level of performance to your roof.

Understanding Flat Roofing Replacement

We always make it a point to tell you that flat roof replacement is a tedious and time consuming process. Rest assured, you will be fully informed about all the procedures involved, including the timing of the replacement. You must understand that your convenience is our primary consideration.

Vermont Commercial Roofing is dedicated towards fulfilling your needs and satisfying your preferences on the flat roof replacement process. We give you highly experienced and friendly roofing professionals.

The Conklin Solution

In the process of replacing your flat roof, we highly recommend Conklin® Flat Roofing Solutions. The choice makes perfect sense because this line of roofing products are energy efficient and performs remarkably well. For Vermont Commercial Roofing, we will be using specialized single-ply roofing systems when the client requests for a complete flat roof replacement job. Conklin is internationally renowned for its reported warranty claims rate of only 0.25%. In the United States, roofing products from the brand have been installed to over two billion square feet. Overall, Conklin has the overall best roofing solutions in the entire nation.

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If your commercial building in Vermont or nearby areas needs flat roof replacement, contact us to get a free estimate. We do re-roofing application, restoration jobs, repairs, inspection, and maintenance. When it comes to your roof,  do not settle for anything less.

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