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Foam Roof Replacements

If you have commercial spray foam roof that needs replacement, Vermont Commercial Roofing is your

best option in terms of fulfilling all your desired results. We have a complete team of expert roofers who have with them professional training as well as field experience in the proper application and replacement of this type of roofing system. We will approach your foam roof replacement project with the highest level of customer service, professionalism, and expertise.


Why Foam Roofs?
Foam Roof ReplacementsA lot of building owners are intrigued and curious about spray foam roofs.
What are they and why are they becoming quite popular?

This type of roof stands out when compared to other commercial roofing systems because it comes with a literally indefinite life expectancy. But it does not mean foam roofs last forever without any fuss. The thing is just like any other type of commercial roofing, it is prone to damage. And when your roof suffers, it can lead to a very expensive replacement process. This is why we recommend a routine maintenance program which provides annual roof inspections so you are able to be notified of any potential damage. This will allow you to keep your foam roof in top notch condition for many years to come.

Now that we have raised the point there are several factors that may contribute to a foam roof failing so lets take this opportunity to discuss some of the possible reasons now. Failing Roof Systems are often caused by:

  • Inferior workmanship.
  • Careless application of the spray foam.
  • Insufficient amount of applied product thickness.
  • Insufficient coating protection.
  • Compromised product quality due to improper storage.
  • Unsatisfactory temperature in the application of the foam.
  • Presence of ponding water in the application.
  • Improper and wrong maintenance and upkeep of the roof.

There are also many other factors that may lead you to considering a foam replacement. For instance, if your commercial roof is damaged due to debris, hailstorm, or other external factors, the closed-cell structure of the foam will be keeping the effects of the damage at a minimum. Therefore, when the roof is properly installed and maintained in case of events like this, then water cannot conveniently travel and spread to the sub-roof components.

Foam Roof Coatings Vermont Commercial

Vermont Commercial Foam Roof Replacement Services

For the replacement of a polyurethane foam roof, Vermont Commercial Roofing is committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship. As a building owner or property management group you will receive the benefits of having a team that is dedicated to serving your needs. Our roof technicians are professionally-trained and have extensive roofing experience. We will handle every detail of your roofing project from pre-construction through completion and beyond.

Conklin Products Have Been Leading The Roofing Industry For Over 35 Years

And because we adhere to the use of the best and most reliable roofing products in the industry today, Vermont Commercial Roofing only recommended ENERGY STAR® certified and genuine waterproof Conklin® roofing products. We believe that in order to enhance customer value and promote reliability in all our roofing installations and services, there should be no compromise in product quality. Conklin roofing products have been installed to more roofs than any other brand in American. But the best thing you must know about it is that the reported warranty claims is listed at .25%. It means almost a hundred of clients did not see any problem with their roofing systems using Conklin.

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