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Metal Roof Replacements

Metal Roof ReplacementsAre you in need of a new roof? Do you think it’s time to replace your old one? Talk to us and we help you decide.

At Vermont Commercial Roofing, we don’t instantly tell you to replace your roof. Yes, we’ll probably earn more when a building owner decides to instead of settling for repair or restoration. But since we’ve been in this business for quite some time now, we value honesty as the forefront of our business operations.

Metal Roof Problems

All types of roofs have problems. Though you often hear roofing companies saying that their roofing systems will last forever, the fact is even a metal roof will require restoration. If you are reading this you may believe your roof is currently reached this stage. For more than 45 years and three generations the Brown Family have been servicing roofs in Northern Vermont and the surrounding areas. We have a complete team of experts that are credited with some of the best roofing installations in commercial and industrial buildings across the city. This experienced and highly qualified team at Vermont Commercial Roofing is more than happy to serve you in either a replacement, roof restoration, or repairs.

Quality Comes First

As a well-experienced and travelled roofing repair and installation company, Vermont Commercial Roofing knows how crucial it is to safeguard the interest of the client. That’s why they always emphasize quality over everything else. The roof replacement procedures for instance will be committed to minimizing costs while at the same time never compromising on the quality of both work and materials.

Know a Metal Roof First Before Deciding to Replace Your Old One

If you have a roof that’s made of anything other than metal or steel, and it so happens that it is already in a state where you contemplate on replacing it, then you might want to consider putting in a metal roof. But before you do, you must learn the advantages of having one.

  • Metal roof replacement is a great decision with respect to durability. Metal used as a roofing material gives an upgrade to a building’s curb appeal. Other than the looks, it is widely accepted as the most durable type of roofing material. It is resistant to practically everything, including rain, fire, wind, snow, and hail.
  • Deciding for metal roof replacements means thinking forever. Well, metal will not deteriorate in the same quick pace to that of other roofing materials. Therefore, your entire building may already be at risk of rapid deterioration while your roof is still there.
  • Rusty corrugated metal material shouldn’t be considered as a reliable variety for roofing. If you want Vermont Commercial Roofing to do the metal roof replacements for you, the company makes sure you’re not getting that old rusty corrugated stuff.
  • Contrary to what most people think, a metal roof is actually lighter compared to other roofing materials like shingle. It is environment-friendly in a way that steel is fully recyclable and won’t need that much fossil fuel in production.

Choose a Reliable Metal Roof Replacement Company
When it comes to the decision of replacing your old one with a metal roof, Vermont Commercial Roofing is the most reliable name in (state) and the surrounding areas. It’s one thing if you hire someone who comes in with the lowest bid but it’s another thing if you hire us instead. With every member of the team being professionally-trained, we make it a point that you’re given a complete and honest estimate and evaluation of your commercial roofing needs.

So when you’re all set for a complete metal roof replacement, rest assured you’re getting the best possible roofing solution in (state). The process will include the complete removal of any signs of the old roof including materials, the installation of new components including drip edges, water and ice protection, underlayment, and the metal roof.

When all is said and done, you’ll be amazed at how convenient the entire process was and the fact that you didn’t really had to spend too much will force you to talk about your experience with us to your friends over and over again. Now that’s free advertising for us right there!

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