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Spray Foam Roof Systems

Spray Foam Roof Systems

Spray Foam Roof SystemsFoam is rapidly becoming an integral part of commercial roofing across the United States. Today we are seeing this also becoming a viable solution in Vermont and the surrounding areas.

Spray Foam Roofing Systems offer many benefits to the building owner and property management groups alike. The versatility in regards to roof surfaces it may be applied onto is rapidly making this a more popular option in today’s roofing industry.

Other factors include not having to remove existing roof materials in some cases, the fact that it creates a seamless monolithic roof system, life expectancy, easy maintenance, and reasonable cost of installation.

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SPF adheres to many substrates including wood,  concrete, steel, as well as many existing roof materials. Spray Foam can be applied directly over your existing EPDM Rubber, TPO, and Bitumen which eliminates the expenses of removing your existing roofing materials and costly disposal fees. SPF Roof Applicators are able to spray tapered roof systems formed by the foam itself therefore eliminating all the expense involved with designing and installing a tapered insulation system. The penetrations and vertical wall terminations may also be sprayed with foam making them into an integral part of the building’s roof system once again minimizing additional component costs.

Vermont Commercial Roof Applied Spray Foam Roofing Systems
Turn from Liquid into a Solid Monolithic Shell Protecting The Roof Surface

SPF is sprayed as a liquid using dual-component spray equipment which fills cracks, crevices, adhering to the surface developing the desired shape and form which creates the ultimate tapered seamless roof system. It will eventually expand up to 30 times the original liquid volume as it begins to form a hard shell closed cell monolithic surface across the roof.

Spray Foam Roof Before and After

Spray Polyurethane Foam will dry within seconds upon application to the roof surface. The expansion discussed above results in a seamless weather tight roofing membrane which fully adheres to the substrate. Due to the lightweight of polyurethane it adds minimal additional weight to the structure as it is applied in restoration applications.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing has a proven track record with more than 35 years as a low maintenance roofing solution. The Polyurethane Foam provides additional insulation and R-Value to the structure which property owners often find results in lower utility bills.

Upon installation of the SPF to the proper thickness meeting your roofs specifications a protective layer of elastomeric coating is then applied. The protective coating provides a durable weather resistant surface which may be walked over during routine maintenance.


At first thought people commonly think of “foam” as a type of soft cushiony material which would not be ideal for a roof surface that is walked over, must withstand extreme weather conditions, and  protect a property. However, Spray Foam Roof Systems on the other hand are designed and built to be extremely durable, able to handle foot traffic, routine maintenance, and adverse weather conditions.

Although as with any other building materials Spray Foam Roof Systems have their strengths and weaknesses. They would be susceptible to damage when struck by heavy objects,  punctured by dropped equipment or machinery, sharp objects, or other types of extreme impacts just as many other roofing solutions. Fortunately, another one of the many benefits are the damage is more easily detected making them fairly easy to repair.

The Additional Benefits Of Density & R-Value

The High Density of a SPF Roof System is an important aspect of it’s thermal resistance and overall strength. Of course a higher density may also translate to a higher R-value and additional strength. The majority of Spray Foam Roof Systems are installed with densities which will range from approximately 2.5 pounds per cubic foot to approximately 3 pounds per cubic foot. Three pound density foam provides a compressive strength in the vicinity of 50 psi with an overall R-value of 7.14 once installed of course these numbers may vary slightly depending on the foam manufacturer.

Property owners often find that these roofs will save on heating and cooling bills reporting up to more than a 50% savings on energy costs.

Does this equate to the expectation that an SPF roof may eventually pay for itself?
Absolutely! Studies conducted at Texas A&M indicate that an SPF roof installed in climates such similar to Texas or other southern climates may pay for itself in as little as a five year period.

Life Expectancy

When the roof coatings applied to a Spray Foam Roof System are properly maintained these roofs can last as many as 50 years or more. Routine maintenance is required including annual inspections to detect any potential damage. Additional layers of roof coatings may be applied every 10 to 15 years depending on the type of coating installed. When the roof has been routinely cleaned, primed, and recoated a quality SPF roof may last 50 years or more.

Spray Foam Roof Costs

As with any other roof system, the cost will vary depending upon several factors. These may include accessibility of the building, complexity of the overall project, specified thickness of foam, roof coating system, and the geo-targeted location.

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Applying Protective Roof  Coatings for Spray Foam Roofs

Once the Spray Foam has been installed to the specified thickness a protective layer of elastomeric coating is applied. The Elastomeric Roof Coatings produce a protective layer which becomes a durable weather resistant surface which may be walked on during routine roof maintenance.

Energy Star – Flat White Cool Roofs Program and Benefits

Conklin ENERGY STAR qualified roof coating products often reduce the amount of usage required for air conditioning within a building. This may reduce energy bills by as much as 50% or more. The Cool Roof Program defines a number of certain standards in reflectivity as well as maintenance of reflectivity in a roof coatings system. When applied a white roof coating reflects the sun’s UV rays and heat often lowering the temperature of a roof surface by as much as 100 degrees.

Energy Star Roofs are a Great Way to Contribute to the Sustainability of Our Planet.
Cool White Roofs are the New Green!

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